We are constantly adding more vendors. Ask, and we can add your favorite vendor. See Vendor Agreement info.

We can give you more detail and advice on each category and vendor, style and so on- if you ask. We love to help you assemble your vendor team and take great care in coordinating with all of them– sharing timelines, floor plans, house rules, logistics –so your event goes smoothly.

We will do everything we can to help you find the contacts you need, so please do share all of your thoughts with us.  And if you’ve discovered an up and coming vendor, great! We welcome new talent!

  • We do not require any kickbacks or rebate fees from vendors.
  • We do ask that the sign a Vendor Agreement and send us a Certificate of Insurance listing us as an additional insured.

The client is responsible for securing these documents and getting approval from our staff BEFORE they can sign a contract with them. We are not responsible for lost deposits in the event we are not able to allow a vendor to work in our space.

A few of our Favorites
Rick Erwin’s Catering
Table 301
Chef 360
Seasons Catering

Party Rental Companies
Tri-County Rentals
Upstate Event Services
Industry Party Rentals

Wedding & Event Planners
B&R Events

Jammin JP Perez

  • How to get approved:
    1. If your vendor is not currently approved by us, you will need to send them a Vendor Agreement to fill out and send in.
    2. In addition to the Vendor Agreement, we will need a Certificate of Additional Insured (COAI) on file. If the event is far enough in the future that their current policy will have expired, they can submit a copy of their Insurance Certificate as proof of coverage and then get us a COAI 30 days before the event.
    3. Email both the Vendor Agreement and COAI to  info@thevenueatfallspark.com
    4. Which vendors need insurance? Accidents happen to the best of us, so we do require any vendor (professional or not), who is working in our space to provide us with a COAI. This includes your catarer, photographer, baker, musician, event planner, florist, etc. There are a few exceptions to this:
      • Officiants
      • Hair/make-up artists
      • Solo acoustic musicians (only if you are not using our power sources or plugging anything into our building).
      • Simple DIY centerpieces. This does not include arbors or large props that may fall over.
      • Media Photographers on assignment shooting for a magazine/newspaper piece (no lightstands or other equipment)

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Name on Contract (required)

Please fill in the Company Name, Contact Name and Email Address for each of your vendors. Our office will check to see if we have current insurance on file for them. If we need an updated insurance certificate or a Vendor Agreement, we will let you know and you will need to reach out to them. Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure we have a Vendor Agreement and COAI on file at least 30 days before your event.