We are happy to allow alcoholic beverages at our venue. In order to provide a safe environment and to ensure all alcohol safety laws are followed, we do require that our clients use Liquid Catering as their bar service. Liquid Catering is the area’s leading special event bar & beverage catering service, serving at over 400 events a year. They offer full-service packages for a great value that include all your alcohol, bartenders, mixers, equipment, and more. They have a vast selection of beer, wine, and spirits to choose from, and can customize a menu for your specific event. To find out more about their menus and get an instant quote, visit their website at


  • Why do I have to use Liquid Catering? Since we don’t have a liquor license ourselves, we have an exclusive partnership agreement with Liquid Catering. Even though we are a private venue, all federal and state laws regarding the service of alcohol must be followed, and Liquid Catering is used to those laws. Their diligence protects you and the venue. We did our research, and we found that they offer the best service for the best value in the area.
  • Why can’t I provide my own alcohol? Even though we are a private venue, we are still liable for making sure all alcohol laws are being followed. We understand that you want to have a great time, but we also have a duty to make sure your guests consume alcohol safely, and that no one gets intoxicated to a point they would cause harm to themselves or others. Liquid Catering is a great value, they provide all the alcohol, the bartenders, insurance, everything you need to have a great time! This way you can avoid multiple trips to the store and have to deal with getting everything to the venue the day of.
  • I brew my own beer/wine/spirits, can I serve that? We love home brew, it’s a great hobby, but unfortunately, any alcohol served at our venue must have a federally approved label on it. With homebrew products, the bartenders wouldn’t know the proof of what is being served, so it makes it difficult to control consumption. Would you consider giving out bottles of your beer as a favor instead? We can pass those out as guests are leaving. That way they can keep the bottle as a great memory.
  • Why do my guests have to be ID’d? Even though it’s a private party, we still have to follow federal laws and must verify that guests consuming alcohol are over 21 years of age. Sorry, we can’t break the law, we would get shut down.
  • My caterer will bartend for me, why do I have to hire Liquid Catering? I’m sure your caterer will do a fantastic job with your food, but we have a partnership with Liquid Catering so we know that all alcohol safety laws are being followed. We’ve found that unfortunately, food caterers aren’t always consistent with following the rules. Liquid Catering is incredibly familiar with our venue, I promise you their experience with us will make your event go smoothly. Booking with them is easy, they do everything online so you don’t have to worry about another in-person meeting.